Celebrate Toronto’s Little Italy with Culture Days

It is the second day of the Canada-wide initiative Culture Days, a month-long celebration of the diversity, art, culture, and history of this country. Today, On This Spot is featuring our new self-guided walking tour of Little Italy in Toronto to join in the celebration. The tour is available for free online and through the On This Spot app and explores the vibrant and rich neighbourhood of Little Italy.

Every bustling street in Toronto has its own unique story—College Street in Little Italy is no different. Its story begins with the University of Toronto, early settlers, and land subdivisions. From there, College Street took on a life of its own as it became home to many of the immigrant communities that found their way to Toronto from across the sea. College Street underwent radical change after two successive waves of Italian immigration left deep cultural imprints on the community.

Today, College Street draws in people from all over the world, creating one of Canada’s most diverse melting pots. Follow along on this tour as we go back to the early days of College Street and reveal the historical moments and inspiring characters that have shaped this neighbourhood.

This tour, available here, starts a little off the beaten path at the corner of Shaw and Harrison Streets. It then travels up to College Street and down one side of this bustling road, taking a short detour to Mansfield Avenue. Once the tour reaches Bathurst Street, it turns back along the far side of College Street, leading users back to where they first began. The tour has fifteen stops.

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