A Culture Days Photo Contest in Leduc

A chance to win prints of historical photos is coming to On This Spot users in Alberta today! In celebration of Culture Days, an event running until October 24th all across the country, On This Spot is launching a photo contest in the city of Leduc, near Edmonton.

The contest operates through On This Spot’s new augmented reality camera feature, available on Apple devices. Find one of the many then-and-now photo sets located across Leduc and open this feature on your phone. Now, you will be able to create your own historical blends, bringing nineteenth -century pioneers to the present or else posing on a streetscape hundreds of years old. Simply snap a photo of your historic blend and post it to social media, tagging us at @on.this.spot. Then, head to the Leduc Public Library, the Grain Elevator, or the Dr. Woods House Museum to pick up a free print of a historical photo.

Since time immemorial, the land around the modern day city of Leduc has been the home of Indigenous peoples, specifically the Blackfoot and Stoney, who once followed the bison that were one of the prairie’s most valuable resources. As European fur traders and settlers began to push west into modern-day Alberta, Cree and Metis peoples moved into the area as well. The settler community of Leduc began with its first settler, Robert Telford, who established the settlement in 1899. Telford served as Leduc’s first postmaster, first general merchant, and first justice of the peace. Leduc remained a sleepy agricultural town until 1947, when oil was discovered and the No. 1 oil well was drilled. The oil industry in Alberta spurned Leduc’s development as the region began to boom. The discovery swiftly changed the course of Alberta’s economy as oil and gas came to dominate the province.

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