Celebrate Blackfalds, Alberta, with Culture Days

The nation-wide initiative of Culture Days is a chance to celebrate the rich culture, art, and history of Canada. Today, On This Spot is featuring its content in the Albertan town of Blackfalds. Along with a 23-stop self-guided historical walking tour, we have a 360-degree virtual tour of the Wadey House Visitor Centre. Both are available for free online and through the On This Spot app.

Today, Blackfalds is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada and is in the middle of a population boom. The first time this happened was after the establishment of a railway line to the community in 1891, more than a decade before the town’s incorporation in 1904. The arrival of the railway brought a swell of settlers, and the community rushed to fill their needs, which led to the rise of hotels, general stores, community centres, and other businesses.

Our historical walking tour, contributed to On This Spot by Judy Carleton of the Blackfalds Historical Society, starts on Gregg Street before continuing south down Broadway. It then pauses at the sites of some of the earliest businesses and community centres that once made up the beating heart of the Blackfalds’ downtown. While many of these businesses and buildings have now disappeared, the historic photos that make up this tour give us a glimpse into the earliest days of Blackfalds as a pioneer prairie community.

Meanwhile, our virtual tour of the Wadey House Visitor Centre allows app users to explore the centre from the comfort of their computers and homes. This centre houses not just visitor information services but the Blackfalds and Area Historical Society. Explore the center in 360 degrees with our tour.

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