On This Spot Soft Launches in King Township, ON

King Township

We’re excited to announce the soft launch of On This Spot’s King Township coverage! In partnership with King Township and the King Cultural & Heritage Centre, we’re launching this new content just in time for Family Day weekend. The coverage focuses on the town of Schomberg, and a full walking tour will be coming soon so you can get outside and learn about this region’s history.

King Township is a unique area nestled on the edge of the Holland Marsh, not far from Toronto. The towns in this area have a shared history of growth, diversity, and humble origins. The land of the township was purchased by Lord Simcoe from the Mississauga Credit in 1805, and the communities on that land have only grown as the decades have passed. Hamlets and villages have sprung up and then grown, serving as trading hubs for the farmers who settled here. A spirit of togetherness defined the early days of King Township, and it still exists today in these thriving communities.

We hope you will enjoy learning about this region’s unique history and the places and events that shaped it. Download the app and take a stroll around Schomberg, or view some of our Then and Now photos of King Township here.

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