We’ve Reached 50 Cities!

An On This Spot photographer takes a photo during a work trip to the South Okanagan

After a busy May and June, we at On This Spot have added our 50th city to the app! For a company which started as the passion project of a group of historians with big dreams, this marks a major milestone. We’re making historical content more and more accessible across the country, reaching communities both big and small from coast to coast. 

Our latest launches include a regional tour in the South Okanagan, BC, two brand new tours in Fort Macleod, Alberta, and new then-and-now photo sets in communities stretching across the country, from Cumberland on the west coast to Lethbridge in Alberta and Toronto’s Chinatown in Ontario. Our new Toronto Little Italy tour will give Torontonians and visitors alike a chance to get out and explore Toronto’s diverse culture, while our BC Castlegar tour will allow users to dive into the history of the area’s Doukhobor community. 

And this is only the beginning! The rest of our summer will be as exciting and busy as the start of it was. We are developing tours in the Albert County region of New Brunswick, in Elgin County in Ontario, and in Sparwood and Kitimat in BC. New then-and-now photo sets will be launching across the country, from Charlottetown in PEI to Vernon in BC and everywhere in between. 

Our teams will be spreading out across Canada throughout July and August for some on-the-ground research and photography work. These trips always give us the chance to build valuable connections with local historians and community members and to truly experience the culture and history of the places we are researching. Now that Covid-19 restrictions are loosening and our teams are fully vaccinated, it’s time to get back out into the world and conduct the in-person research that we know will make our content truly shine. Let us know if you think there is somewhere we should visit! You never know—we may just be in your area soon!

2 thoughts on “We’ve Reached 50 Cities!

  1. Congratulations Andrew and team, on reaching this milestone!
    We were so fortunate to be one of your earliest-added towns.
    Ucluelet and Area Historical Society

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